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CA Fire damages HP historical Documents
10-31-2017, 10:37 AM (This post was last modified: 10-31-2017 10:39 AM by pier4r.)
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RE: CA Fire damages HP historical Documents
(10-31-2017 08:35 AM)Garth Wilson Wrote:  Keeping a good system of regular backups, kept in different places, is not difficult, but most individuals are not very diligent about it. I imagine most companies do better. Here at the house, our son set up a server in the garage which is in a separate building with 30' of separation between buildings. The server backs up the computers in the house every day, and backs up it primary hard disc to a secondary one. Then he occasionally also backs it up to yet another one in his room which is in the opposite end of the house from my office. My website is hosted thousands of miles away on a virtual server, and the server in the garage backs that up daily too. Fire, theft, of other problem is pretty unlikely to cost us more than a day's data.

Exactly. The point is that one has to be prepared to make this effort and even companies are not that happy to do it. (consider that every now and then your son will have to upgrade the hardware)

Also another thing that is underestimated (be me too) is to check the consistency of the backup, because data corruption may happen so better to know that it happened as soon as possible than too late. (your son may employ md5 checks done from time to time)

I don't remember whether Eric or Joe reported that old messages in the hp48 newsgroup contain RPL code that was compressed for web upload with a certain software. That software is not anymore available, now that compressed code is almost (until someone finds a solution) useless.

edit: also jebem has very good points.

Wikis are great, Contribute :)
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