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Vertical line of dead pixels on 50g LCD
10-05-2017, 02:42 AM
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RE: Vertical line of dead pixels on 50g LCD
(10-04-2017 03:18 PM)Sergio Wrote:  Hi to all!

I recently had a problem with the LCD of my 50g. While working on some calculations with it a vertical line of dead pixels showed out of nowhere.

If it is always the same line of pixels, then most likely you are experiencing a connection failure between the main printed circuit board and the LCD. This problem eventually happens with all of the HP48 models due to age. I don't recall hearing anyone describe the same problem with the 50g, but the construction of the 48 & 50 are similar enough to make me suspect this might be the cause. You can try pressing down on the middle of the case just below the LCD screen the next time the dead pixel line appears. If the pixels return when you press and disappear when you release, then it is almost certainly a physical connectivity problem.

The fix for the HP48 is simple but requires opening the case, which is by no means simple (believe me, I know firsthand!) Not sure if the 50g is any easier but I suspect someone has documented the procedure here on the site. If I stumble across it myself I'll post a link. Otherwise search MoHPC for a phrase like "50g dead pixels" or "open 50g case" using an external search engine like Google and the specifier

You'll get much more targeted search results than if you use the search engine built into the site.


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