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Can this be solved with any HP CAS?
09-28-2017, 07:43 PM
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RE: Can this be solved with any HP CAS?
(09-27-2017 08:56 PM)Gilles59 Wrote:  I suppose that the CAS simplify too much ;D

If in this simple case the CAS cannot decide the right domain and do not gives the right solution, how we can decide about the solution in any complicated case? How can I trust in CAS if it cannot solve this simple example?!?

If 3×X+1/(X-5)=15+1/(X-5) is the unbreakable code for Skynet newer gains to self-awareness and X=5 is the password and John Connor believe that, Skynet never will wake up, because the CAS of Skynet never find x=5 (because it is out of the domain and Skynet's CAS is really intelligent), one simple HP50 with its CAS can be destroy the whole mankind on the Earth...

So, this is a REALLY serious problem - please solve it... Big Grin Wink


PS.: No any CAS which can solve this problem correctly... This is too simple to handle it correctly. Of course the triple integrals in negative dimensions on a hyperboloid surface can do without problem, but I'm an engineer and I want RELIABLE solutions.

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