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Recommanded NiMh battery cells for HP82162A
09-29-2017, 04:19 AM
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RE: Recommanded NiMh battery cells for HP82162A

So I received both the rechargeable N-Cell yesterday along with a charger which I’ll be using with bolts. They work awesome in both my HP41’s. They power the card reader very nicely almost without showing signs of weakening. After 30 or 35 passes, they still read 1.345v/cell. Well above their 1.2v rating.
I also received the Ni-Mh 4300mAh power cells to rebuild the HP82162A and HP82143A power packs. After disassembling both packs and using the original long V-shaped terminals, I wasn’t good enough to have them fit inside the case. They just needed to be soldered a bit closer and tighter to each other. I’m sure someone with better building skills will do a better job (that was my first attempt). The first one didn’t look so good, but worked just fine. Anyways, they both work like a charm, and are placed without the original cases (I’ll keep those for a later rebuild, eventually.)
PS: BTW, 4300mAh is written on them. I should take pictures and post them.

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