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Recommanded NiMh battery cells for HP82162A
09-26-2017, 07:44 PM (This post was last modified: 09-26-2017 07:50 PM by Dieter.)
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RE: Recommanded NiMh battery cells for HP82162A
(09-26-2017 07:30 AM)Dave Frederickson Wrote:  Was the DVM set to AC AMPS rather than DC AMPS? I get about 1A AC when I measure the current from the adapter without a battery connected.

I suspect the current in this setup is only limited by the adapter's internal resistance. Something like 1 A is about 3x the specified max. load, so I'd say "don't try this at home". #-)

(09-26-2017 07:30 AM)Dave Frederickson Wrote:  Expect the AC current measured with the battery connected as described by Dieter to be different than the expected 16 mA DC current measured at the battery.

I think here the actual charging current is more intesting, i.e. the current through R1. Maybe Neve should measure this instead of the total current the circuit draws from the adapter.

@Neve: Locate the resistor on the PCB in the battery pack. Place the two meter tips at its two ends and measure the voltage (!). Should be something around 6 V. Divide this voltage by 0,365 to get the charging current in mA.

Alternate method: open one of the two connections between the NiMH cell pack and the PCB (leave the other one connected). Set the meter to DC Amps and place its two tips at the two ends of opened connection, i.e. these two points are now connected by the meter. Now you can measure the charging current directly.

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