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Recommanded NiMh battery cells for HP82162A
09-25-2017, 10:37 PM
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RE: Recommanded NiMh battery cells for HP82162A
(09-25-2017 09:00 PM)Dieter Wrote:  There are two leads.
One end of each usually plugs into the meter.
The other two ends usually have tips that you connect to two specific points in the electronic circuit.

Do you want to say that you placed the two tips right into the two contacts of the "charger" plug while the meter was set to 4 or 400 mA? No, this is not how it works.

Yes, this is what I did. I guess I got it all wrong...


    +---o  <===== meter tip 1
====|  <
    +---o  <===== meter tip 2

Current:                                           +--------+
                                                   |        |
    +---o  <===== meter tip 1                      |        |
====|  <                      meter tip 2 =====> O)|        |
    +---o  <----- short cable -----------------> O)| 82120A |
                  maybe with alligator clips       |        |
                                                   |        |

Quote:Voltage: place the two tips at the two points between which you want to measure the voltage, i.e. parallel to the circuit.

I did that for both voltage and current. All wrong then... Sad

Quote:Current: place the two tips in series (!) with the circuit within which you want to measure the current.


I don’t know how to do that. Oh well.... I’ll try to figure it out.... I hope I will. I’ll post what I’ll find when I do. At least I’ve learned something! Smile

Thank you Dieter! (And everyone who has contributed)

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