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Collection of HHC programming contests and other useful documents
10-04-2017, 07:38 PM (This post was last modified: 10-04-2017 07:46 PM by pier4r.)
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RE: Collection of HHC programming contests and other useful documents
(10-03-2017 11:43 PM)EugeneNine Wrote:  The HP48 is missing from your wiki.

It is not my wiki. It is hosted by Bruce Bergman and it is a neat idea. But even that can disappear tomorrow because life happens.

Anyway since it is a collaborative wiki, you can contribute yourself Smile

For the edit button, after you verify your mail (I do not remember if it is needed to confirm your mail) you should look on the left summary.

See this picture:

Anyway thanks for the input. For the wiki, I assume you will be soon able to edit it, instead I will collect the resources mentioned by you for the next release of the torrent.

I use transmission mostly for testing so far (on my VPS with linux on the command line) and it seems to just download everything that is not already in the right position.

I mean if I have the same files but ordered in different structures, it seems that transmission thinks they are different. Instead if they are in the same subfolder, transmission should recognize them as equal.

In any case I am pretty sure one has control on the file list with transmission, only it gets complicated, so maybe easier torrent clients may be used (I use qbittorrent on windows, that is not so intuitive for releases, but it is ok for downloads)

@aurelio: thanks. So far I do not perceive encouragement, rather hostility by some (with arguments that I cannot really understand) but hey, everyone is entitled of his opinion until it is not harmful for the others. Moreover it is still my perception that can be totally wrong.

edit1: I am adding to my torrent client the hp41 DVD torrent, so hoping soon to be a source too.

@EugeneNine: I think the RPL docs for sure works for calculators that were released later than the doc. I'd say the 50g at least.

edit2: I wanted to reply to Dave Frederickson that wrote a post but I don't find it, maybe I was mistaken.

Wikis are great, Contribute :)
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