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HHC 2017 RPN Programming contest information and results thread
09-18-2017, 08:04 PM
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RE: HHC 2017 RPN Programming contest information and results thread
Some of the below is repeated in the post for the RPL programming contest...

The way the contests work at a real HHC gathering goes something like this.

1) We announce that program submissions (a physical machine with the program in it already AND a printed/hand written listing of the program AND the author's name on the machine and listing) are due to the judge at say Noon.

2) Noon happens to be when we break for lunch.

3) So as we break for lunch, those entering the contest are fighting their way to the judge who has to be careful to keep the machines safe (I dropped a 41C two years ago and broke it - ugh - didn't enjoy getting that fixed).

4) The judge tries to go get some lunch and then runs the inputs to the RPL and RPN contests on the machines and tries to record results / score them.

5) This is often a slow process since people want to be friendly and are curious. Personally, I don't like to hide, but I probably should.

6) The contest results are usually determined in an hour or so and then announced around 3pm. The results are kept secret until then.

7) Winner of each contest gets to pick a prize from the prize table AFTER the Best Speaker picks one but before all the other attendees will pick one.

8) The judge then starts trying to think of a contest for next year!

Here are the numbers I used as test inputs.

Number 1: 123,456,789
Result: UNHAPPY 13

Number 2: 987,654,321
Result: UNHAPPY 13

Number 3: 555,555,555
Result: UNHAPPY 12

Number 4: 20
Result: UNHAPPY 1

Number 5: 989
Result: HAPPY 6

Number 6: 13
Result: HAPPY 2

Number 7: 15999
Result: UNHAPPY 16 (Note: 16 is the highest number of cycles required for a 10 digit or less number to process. Thanks, Eric Smith for finding this!)

Number 8: 100
Result: HAPPY 1

Number 9: 8002
Result: HAPPY 3

Number 10: 1
Result: HAPPY 1
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