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Summing lists in directory structure
09-18-2017, 01:35 PM
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RE: Summing lists in directory structure
(09-18-2017 10:05 AM)brickviking Wrote:  I do have a quick question about the inbuilt debugger (PRG->RUN->DBG). How can I get it to trace into a subprogram? It seems to skip over the subprogram even if I use SST↓ and follow up with what follows the subprogram....The code I'm trying to debug (i.e. find out how it works) is the inner subprogram section beginning "IF DUP Month ...", but the debugger skips to DOLIST instead of entering the «…» and tracing onwards:...

In the case of a user program which is passed to DOLIST, you can't. It is being run repeatedly within the confines of the single DOLIST step, so when you SST through that command all of the invocations have already occurred.

Normally you can insert the RPL sequence "41 MENU HALT" to force a debugging interruption anywhere you like, but HALT isn't allowed within a user program that is passed to DOLIST.

Your best bet would simply be to create a "test program" that sets up the subroutine in question with suitable stack contents and just executes it once without using DOLIST. Then you should be able to SST through the various steps to follow its progress.
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