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new to prime here, 2nd degree polyomial
08-20-2017, 10:38 PM
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new to prime here, 2nd degree polyomial
I'm new to hpprime here, sorry if I missed somthing.
I bought my calculator to rpepare my exam for june next year.
I was advised to take that one because for some great features.
I spent 3 days on searching feature, help system is just great btw.
I had difficulties to found casio likes feature, but and few are still missingfor me, and look to be not implemented, hope I'm wrong...
I need very easy tool to quickly solve quadratic equation : just typing a, b and c and get delta , x1 and x2.
as simple as this! no more no less...
I tried my best, I found the Quadratic Explorer app, but how do you fill a,b and c ?! (ax²+bx+c) I tried to press Symb key to fill them, like for Function app, but I got a yellow exclamation point?...

Well, at the end,
I just found user programs for that...
but I'm not interrested, I can't bring programs to my exams, because of this f*cking exam mode.

my old casio can solve up to a 6 degree polynomial ! where is the nice app to do that on hpprime ?
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