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Which calculators had no known bugs?
06-13-2021, 12:24 PM
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RE: Which calculators had no known bugs?
(11-18-2020 03:31 PM)ThomasF Wrote:  BUG 3:
If you move the switch over to PRGM-mode and at the same time press a key that show the current program line in memory, ie. SST, R/S, GSB n or SOLVE n (but not BST), then the calculator, when you release the key, copy that line to the following line in memory.
Can't reproduce on my phone - can someone with a HP34C?

Directly after pressing "GTO . 9 9 f 9" the keyboard will be "shifted", eg. you will get "f TAN" by pressing "f COS". This will go away as soon as any key has been pressed once. "GTO . 9 9 f 9 9" gives similar result but now "f TAN" is placed on "f 0". Other combinations of "GTO . 9 9" with 'f', 'g' or 'h' and a number 1-9 have similar effects. The number zero '0' appears different and we will issue a warning for it will sometimes start the integration instuction.
Reproduced on my phone but with a bit different result. "GTO . 9 9 f 9" result in "f SIN" by pressing "f COS". "GTO . 9 9 f 9 9" generates "->H.MS" by pressing "f COS" etc.

I have since I wrote this managed to get my hands on a real HP-34C, and I can now confirm Bug 3, and that Bug B appears just as on the app on the phone, i.e pressing "f COS" results in SIN being executed (so probably the original description of the bug was incorrect).

The bugs 1 and 2 are more "feature oriented" rather than bugs in my opinion, but the other are bugs (unless I find some usage of the "keyboard shifting" or the jumping of bug C ... ) Big Grin


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