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Which calculators had no known bugs?
11-18-2020, 07:17 AM
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RE: Which calculators had no known bugs?

Going through my papers from "back then", I found a list of some bugs in the HP34C, but I have found no reference to them while searching the forums etc.

Some examples:

If you in PRGM-mode enter "GTO . 9 9 A" followed by a number, 'A' or 'B', you then enter the corresponding hexcode 0xA0-0xAB into program memory.
Eg. code 0xA0 correspond to 'STO - 0'. Similar with "GTO . 9 9 B" you can enter code 0xB0 - 0xBB.

Another one is that if you press "GTO . 9 9 f 9" in that order, then the numbers 1-9, +, -, *, / and X<>Y will not work anymore, either in RUN or PRGM mode. To get out of this state, press any other key.

I can also get the keyboard "shifted", that functions are moved around on the keyboard, eg. that pressing 'f TAN' results in 'f COS', or that "f integrate" is replaced by 'f TAN'. This also works in PRGM-mode - so that pressing eg. 'g e^x' results in 'g GRD' being enterid in PRGM mode.

There are also some other bugs that involvs switching to PRGM-mode while holding a key, but unfortunately I no longer have a 34C in my possesion so I can't verify these.

But I can reproduce the other bugs on the go34c Android emulator, and my note says that I have tried on several other 34C devices from different build dates and all of them had the bugs on my list.

Are these known in broader public? Someone interested in the complete list?

Best regards,

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