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HP15c (and 12c) App Update
07-29-2017, 06:02 PM
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RE: HP15c (and 12c) App Update
(07-29-2017 03:40 PM)Matt Agajanian Wrote:  Another enhancement I would propose is a setting for both the classic 15C horizontal layout and a portrait mode layout. To be honest, sometimes it becomes tiresome to hold an iPhone in landscape mode for extended periods of time.

All 3 (12C, 12CP, 15C) of the HP Android emulators include a portrait mode (including auto-orientation-switch if enabled) with fewer, but larger, keys. Note though, these portrait-mode layouts include only the basic (and most common) keys for quick math: numerals, 4 primary operators, X<>Y, RDN, STO, RCL, 1/X, Sqrt(X), CLX, and ENTER.

Oddly, the 12C and 12CP include Sqrt(X), which I've suggested should be replaced with %, far more commonly used by any/all 12C/12CP users.

The 12CP Portrait mode includes a few bonus features like a bill splitter, tip calculator, Undo, and a few more keys algebraic users would need (=, parenthesis).

They work well and are a good trade-off of features and speed/convenience. Some folks undoubtedly will want the full feature set in portrait mode, but really, just twist your wrist.

--Bob Prosperi
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