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Columbia Space Shuttle cockpit: 2 x HP-41C.
07-23-2017, 06:29 PM (This post was last modified: 07-23-2017 06:59 PM by Dieter.)
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RE: Columbia Space Shuttle cockpit: 2 x HP-41C.
(07-21-2017 09:31 AM) Wrote:  Here is some pictures of HP 41 in shutle from HP keynote that I was receiving in the past years.

This seems to be vol. 5 no. 1 (January – April 1981) and vol. 6 no. 2 (March – May 1982).

(07-21-2017 09:31 AM) Wrote:  I hope it is interesting somebody.

It does. There is a sentence that caught my attention:

"The search for a calculator soon narrowed down to two machines, and a "fly-off" was held between the two. The HP-41C was chosen, NASA said, for a variety of reasons, chief of which was the HP-41C's alphanumeric display."

It is also said that "the most important initial factor was large memory". This leads to the obvious question: What might have been that mysterios unnamed "second machine" the 41C was compared with? For me "large memory" and "no alphanumeric display" sound like a TI59.

What do you think ?-)

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