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5 minus minus 6 on in HOME and CAS
07-17-2017, 08:59 PM
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RE: 5 minus minus 6 on in HOME and CAS
What, exactly, is your idea of a macro? (Bear in mind, definition of the term, and computer language(s) et al, are not exactly an unheard of concept in this forum).

More precisely, what macro operation are you expecting, within the design objective of the hp Prime? I think the [Define] key actually does meet the definition of macro. Perhaps reassigning keys, (custom keypresses), and the user keyboard feature might do the trick for you, further details in the user guide.

As a tool for educators and students, professional applications are likely to be met with frustration, if you let your expectations take you that far. Basic I/O like RTU, ADC/DAC, data logger, and comm's with the outside world, would be such an enhancement, and seems such a obvious improvement that it would be bound to return any such investment. It is unfortunate that this is outside the scope of the product, and Que sera, sera, to purloin a phrase from Doris Day's day.

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