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HP-41 Android AMC OSX module CAT1
07-26-2017, 05:33 PM
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RE: HP-41 Android AMC OSX module CAT1
(07-26-2017 08:41 AM)Jotne Wrote:  Seems to be a bug in you combo module. I do not find the XEQ+ function. But when I do a CAT 2 and list function under -WARP CORE2, I find a function named XEQ".
Since I can not type in ", I assing it to a button pressing the A key. It then works as XEQ+ when I hit the button.

When I load the module maually its called -TTL REKALL, in your combo it's listed as -WARP CORE2.
Also som function are missing.
WARP is missing

TTL is missing

I guess the later 2 is just renaming.
But clearly its used different version.
All module should show version nummer in CAT2 Smile


What may be confusing you is that the WARP CORE module replaces the TTL REKALL module. You don't want or need both existing at the same time. WARP CORE uses WF# and WF$ instead of the older XF# and XF$ from TTL REKALL.

When I made the combined Lib4+OS/X+Eval+Warp module I didn't have the version that changed the name from XEQ" to XEQ+. Now that Eval has grown to 8K, there is no reason to have the Warp Core module in the mix, it wouldn't fit. So for my system I created a new Lib4+OS/X+Eval8k module for GO41CX slot #1. I also created a WARP CORE + UNIT CONVERT combo module for one of the other GO41CX slots (it can use #2, #3, or #4). So I still have two open slots for the 8K modules SMATH, SNDMATRX, HP16C, and/or 41Z.

I am waiting for the latest release of the Eval module, so that I can combine/test the latest Eval on GO41CX. If that works I will post the new combined module here. Did you want my combined WARP CORE + UNIT CONVERT module as well? It is not really required, since the MODs for those fit in any slot. I hate to see a wasted HP41 ROM area on the GO41CX!

Other than my co-authored modules with Ángel (HP16C and EVAL), I don't really have much say in the displayed names in CAT 2. I agree it is nice to have version numbers show up, but that is just my preference, and not required if there is lack of room in the ROMs. I will leave that up to Ángel to react to your suggestions here.

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