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HP-82183A... Problem with ASTEC 0950-0408 :(
06-26-2017, 01:04 AM
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HP-82183A... Problem with ASTEC 0950-0408 :(

I get a HP-82183A but it don't work. When I turn on the printer, the led BATT flashing and led POWER is dark.

Connect to my 41c :

[Image: HP-82143A-P1080475.jpg]


If I turn off the printer, the message is PRINTER OFF. If I remove paper, I obtain "OUT OF PAPER". Ok... But, if I press PAPER ADVANCE button, there is nothing.

Sometimes, these elements are hot...

[Image: HP-82143A-P1080459.jpg]

So, I try to test Astec... It's no good Sad

[Image: HP-82143A-P1080477.jpg]
(Some strange spots)

[Image: HP-82143A-P1080493-sous-ASTEC.jpg]

ASTEC 0950-0408
  o      o      o      o
 0,5v    '      -      -
               OFF / ON
  o                    o
 14v                   - 
              ( )       (*)

14v, ok but only another contact is working (a very little 0,5V). Elsewhere, 0v Sad

So, I would like to change this element. Do you know if I can find Astec 0950-0408 in USA perhaps ?

I think motherboard is nice.

[Image: HP-82143A-P1080499-927px.jpg]
(click to enlarge)

[Image: HP-82143A-P1080497-900px.jpg]
(click to enlarge)

Thank you very for your help and best regards from France !

Thierry Loiseau
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