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I have a way to measure battery power
06-28-2017, 01:28 PM
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RE: I have a way to measure battery power
(06-28-2017 11:20 AM)DrD Wrote:  The teensy advantage might be your control over the resolution. In order to get anything more meaningful, you would need to get metrics on the actual battery... hence, the request "Please let us know it calculated values correlate with measured battery levels, especially at the 25% incremental points, as Cyrille posted..."

Otherwise, Cyrille has completely addressed the issue here, including your novel idea to pick apart the level points. There really isn't any earth-shaking point ... it is more a matter of something that could also be done, being done, and provides a hands on opportunity to learn more about the prime, etc.

The resolution is exactly as cyrille posted I'm sure. I know of no other interface to the battery, unless you know something I don't. There is nothing earth-shaking about this. I just saw that many people were trying to figure out how to read the battery, and it occurred to me to read the status display....that's it, nothing more.
If you do know of another interface to get battery values, please let me know.
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