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LOCAL and INPUT: number of variables allowed
06-26-2017, 08:36 PM
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RE: LOCAL and INPUT: number of variables allowed
(06-26-2017 05:38 AM)cyrille de brébisson Wrote:  Hello,

The limit for any function parameter count is 16. ie, no function can take more than 16 parameters...

LOCAL is a function that takes n pairs of parameters. The first item in each pair is a variable name and the 2nd the variable initialization value (0 by default if not provided).

As a result, LOCAL is limited to 8 (16/2) simultaneous definitions.

INPUT, as a function, is also limited to 16 parameters. BUT since the variables are put in a single list, and since thee list size limit is 10 000, there is no practical limits to the number of variables that INPUT can handle.


Perhaps I misunderstand what is meant by no practical limits, but INPUT is indeed limited to 10 screens worth of parameters. Thus, if you put one parameter per screen row, then you are limited to 70 variables. Of course, you can put more variables per row and thus increase the total number of parameters. However, at some point legibility becomes an issue (too many input fields per row) and then you are truly indeed limited from a practical point of view.

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