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EXC/ x<>Rn for stack efficiency
06-14-2017, 03:04 PM
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RE: EXC/ x<>Rn for stack efficiency
First, let me apologise for my frustration. I'm trying too hard to fit an advanced technique (67/97/34) into a basic 25/33 (forgive me) programming language.

Second, I do appreciate your straughtforward four-to-multiple step variations. I shouldn't try so hard to make the most direct method into an elaborate one. Besides, I need to adapt to what a calculator does best by its own merits. For example, I can't expect the 25 or 33 to handle the memory register gymnastics for a Moving Averages program. If I want to code for something that complex, I should use the right tool for the task, a 67/97, 34C, or later. Besides, as capable as the 65 is, a Moving Averages program, for example, requiring indirect addressing isn't that feasable.

Once again apologies and thanks.
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