Poll: Multiplication sign in 2D mode? In non-2D/text editor?
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Multiplication Poll: * or · or something else?
03-09-2014, 03:40 PM
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RE: Multiplication Poll: * or · or something else?
(03-09-2014 01:35 AM)Helge Gabert Wrote:  OK, if it is too much of a nuisance to offer the user a choice, then I recommend leaving everything as is, i.e. '*' as the multiplication symbol.

The raised center dot would only cause havoc to my brain/eyes, compared to the fraction symbol '.', as it would look very similar, just a little bit raised. Hard to see the difference, especially if your eyes are getting old!

Good point. Leave it as it is now, and please continue with the more important "issues" fixing to be released in the next firmware update Smile

Jose Mesquita
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