Poll: Multiplication sign in 2D mode? In non-2D/text editor?
· (dot symbol) 2D displau
* (current) 2D display
Other 2D display
· (dot symbol) note/text
* (current) note/text
Other note/text
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Multiplication Poll: * or · or something else?
03-07-2014, 07:44 PM
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RE: Multiplication Poll: * or · or something else?
(03-07-2014 06:53 PM)Tim Wessman Wrote:  How about a poll: Would you prefer to see ·,* or something else for multiplication in 2D display mode? What about the program editor, notes/text, or non-2D mode?

Vote 2 times only, one in the 2D display (first 3 options), and one in the non-2d or text/note type display (last 3 options)

For 2D display, I prefer the · for multiplication. There is really no reason this couldn't be the case for all other input modes, either.

For notes and text, · is also preferred. However, I presume that such a character is merely the display of the actual ascii character *. Otherwise, there will be issues with backward compatibility with existing programs/notes, etc.

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