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HP-71B: trying to get pyILPER fully working on my Mac
05-27-2017, 06:21 PM (This post was last modified: 05-27-2017 06:23 PM by smp.)
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HP-71B: trying to get pyILPER fully working on my Mac
Hello again,

As I've been indicating recently, I have my HP-71B running with my PIL-Box and I have been using pyILPER on my MacBook Pro.

I found today that I do not have the LIFUTILS installed properly. I have downloaded the folder of files called: lifutils-1.7.6-macosx, and I've tried putting it in /usr/local. I've left the name of the folder as is, and I've also tried changing the name to lifutils-1.7.6 and also lifutils. None of these are detected by pyILPER as a proper installation. Currently, I have the lifutils-1.7.6-macosx folder in my home directory along with miniconda3. That is also not detected as a proper installation.

Separate from that situation, I have been trying to follow the directions to use the PILTERM window as both the keyboard and display for the HP-71B. I copied the DAT file to my working directory, and I mounted the file on Drive1. I copied PILTERM and KEYBOARD from the Drive1 into my HP-71B. I ran PILTERM on the HP-71B. I displays that it is assigning the Printer, Display, and Keyboard. After all this, I believe that I am supposed to be able to type on my Mac and see what I type echoed from the HP-71B back onto the terminal display.

That is not what happens. All the display activities happen fine. When I type on my Mac, nothing happens - then if I type ENDLINE on my HP-71B, then all that I typed on my Mac finally come streaming out onto the terminal display.

Can anyone assist me with this? I believe that I've followed the instructions properly. Is this possibly connected with my issue of not yet having the LIFUTILS properly installed?

Thanks very much, in advance...

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