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Heathkit OC-1401
05-26-2017, 05:08 AM
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Heathkit OC-1401
I wanted to mention this due to its interesting story:

This flight computer was on my wishlist. For some reason last week I happened to search the local craigslist for 'heathkit' thinking ham radio stuff but turns out an OC-1401 is for sale for a very good price (single digit dollars to be specific). I emailed and behold got a reply back it is available.

It turns out the retired gentlemen was a pilot who built it waaay long ago and now they are moving out of state. They were cleaning the house. The calculator was on craigslist for about month. We started chatting and I told him that I'm taking flight lessons and also collecting old calculators + 8bit computers as hobby, so I will take good care of his calculator.

Once heard that, he was very happy. He said he was worried the calculator was going to go to the trash and now instead it will be taken care of. We chatted some more about his story. As I was leaving his son told me this made his day. I think this calculator is his living story now.

He told me he built it from kit. I opened it up to remove the dead battery; luckily no corrosion. good solder work too. It will be getting a new nicd set soon. Calculator is clean and it works. It even came with the original book, box, power supply and cigarette light adapter.

In a way this made my day too. I was happy to take over something precious Smile When the time comes, hope my toys go to someone who will appreciate them too.

We should enjoy your toys while we can Smile

1) I wonder if there is a way to dump the code in this calculator, without damaging it.
2) Geoff, I started my ppl training and now doing cross-countries. Hope to get my license by the end of the summer.
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