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questions about HP 802059 wall warts
05-06-2017, 04:34 PM
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RE: questions about HP 802059 wall warts
(05-06-2017 02:20 PM)4ster Wrote:  I just acquired a new (to me) 802059D charger that came with an HP 9114B disk drive. I have always wondered why HP decided to have their wall warts supply AC voltage when most other wall transformers/chargers supply DC. Now, please understand that I can by no means be labeled as someone knowledgable in electronics. Knowing HP, I'm sure there was a good reason. Anyone know the reason?

The manual for the disk drive states that an 802059B charger should be used. This one is a 802059D. The no load AC output, measuring across the terminals, is 12+ish VAC on this one and on my other two 80205B chargers as well. I am assuming that the D model is a later manufacture than the B and that they are interchangeable for 40 series accessories. Is this correct?

The 82059B and 82059D are compatible. (Note you have an extra 0 after the initial 8).

As to why HP chose that, it's impossible to say for sure now, though it's likely folks that know about this stuff will chime-in with technical insights. The key advantage I can see is it's a simple transformer electrical design, and these adapters have been extremely reliable as a result, I have many of them, use daily, and have never had one fail.

--Bob Prosperi
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