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A change of power... battery change info needed
03-06-2014, 06:04 PM (This post was last modified: 03-06-2014 06:08 PM by Matt Agajanian.)
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RE: A change of power... battery change info needed

Apologies to Dave for my flustered reply.

After I took a five mile step back, I decided to accept Dave's constructive commemts and encouragement to try the challenge. So, I did just that. The fx-115es Plus and EL-W16X were a bit easier than I originally thought. I just went down the line of screwdrivers, trying each and focused on getting the feel of the fit. Once I got the right size, I decided to make a note of which was which.

When I got to the TI-36X, it was a little trickier becsuse this one has a different size. So, after I tried a few times with the Casio/Sharp screedriver, I just went down the line again and, lo and behold, found the right size screwdriver. ALTHOUGH, now my concern is how to split apart/open the 36X Pro since there is no opening for my fingers to pry up and it feels like I'm forcing it open if I pry up the rear top opening (where the two notches are for the slipcase cover). So, how do I separate the bottom from the TI-36X Pro?

Like I said, apologies once again.
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