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Long last wanted: XEQ_Auto-Complete finally done
07-03-2017, 06:46 PM
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RE: Long last wanted: XEQ_Auto-Complete finally done
Hello Ángel,

Me again Wink

I am playing with multiple setup involving: LIB4 R44 (4LIB), AMC OS/X (OSX3), HP-16C (16CS) & Total Rekall (WARP)

In one of the simple test setup I have: 4LIB@4, YFNX@7 & OSX3@8
CAT 2 shows the modules entries, BFCAT & PGCAT works, so the module is seen and it can execute functions
But when I do a "CAT _ " do not see the ' of the famous CCD extended "CAT' _", why ?



0x00A  YFNX-2C   YFNX  15  41CL Extreme Functions -2C           0x99BDA28B  06/19/17
0x120  LIBRARY4  4LIB  --  Library-4 R44                        0xBF465233  05/16/17
0x168  OSXB1     OSX3   5  Lib-4 OS/X Bank-Switched ROM, bnk 1  0xE382DBE5  03/23/17
0x169  OSXB2     OSX3   5  Lib-4 OS/X Bank-Switched ROM, bnk 2  0x242C99E4  08/14/16
0x16A  OSXB3     OSX3   5  Lib-4 OS/X Bank-Switched ROM, bnk 3  0xAA6E8246  03/24/17
0x16B  OSXB4     OSX3   5  Lib-4 OS/X Bank-Switched ROM, bnk 4  0xEF35296D  02/07/15
0x1B8  WARPB1    WARP  21  Warp-core ROM, bnk 1                 0xB236C2B7  05/21/17
0x1B9  WARPB2    WARP  21  Warp-core ROM, bnk 2                 0x8ED85B52  05/22/17
0x1BC  HP-16C_1  16CS  16  HP-16C Emulator ROM -1A, bnk 1       0xC4C66EF6  09/06/15
0x1BD  HP-16C_2  16CS  16  HP-16C Emulator ROM -1A, bnk 2       0x2E986FD5  09/06/15
0x1BE  HP-16C_3  16CS  16  HP-16C Emulator ROM -1A, bnk 3       0xE576C6D8  09/06/15
0x1BF  HP-16C_4  16CS  16  HP-16C Emulator ROM -1A, bnk 4       0xED3DCB2E  09/06/15
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