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Long last wanted: XEQ_Auto-Complete finally done
07-03-2017, 02:05 PM
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RE: Long last wanted: XEQ_Auto-Complete finally done
(07-03-2017 01:27 PM)Sylvain Cote Wrote:  Hello Angel,

While I am waiting for 41CL update tests to finish, I am taking this free time to learn your new/updated modules.

Excellent way to spend that free time ! ;-)

(07-03-2017 01:27 PM)Sylvain Cote Wrote:  I took an updated 41CL ( 2017-06-28) and mapped the Toltal_Rekall "Warp_Core" edition.

First thing I have tried was: XEQ "XEQ+" and the answer was NONEXISTENT ?
Then I did a CAT 2, then digging into "-WARP CORE2" entry, I see XEQ" (XEQ double-quotes) and not XEQ+
Is this normal?
Do I have to use a different Library#4 ?

Sorry for the confusion. The function name is 'XEQ"', with double quotes and not a plus sign. I'm not sure this last-minute change made it to the manual or not, but that's the final name given to the function.

You can or course change that to "XEQ+" if you prefer. It's actually a good idea to make the name spell-able - currently you need to use the ASSIGN or EXECUTE hot-keys within the OS/X module Catalog-2 to get it assigned or executed, not very user-friendly I admit it.

I think I'll change the name back to XEQ+ in the next revision.

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