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Long last wanted: XEQ_Auto-Complete finally done
04-28-2017, 02:13 PM (This post was last modified: 04-28-2017 07:06 PM by Ángel Martin.)
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Long last wanted: XEQ_Auto-Complete finally done
A few years ago Mike (St) and more recently Michael Fehlhammer suggested some usability enhancements for the 41 platform that back then were out of reach for my skills. One was an option to repeat the last function used (or several), and the other was an auto-complete functionality to assist spelling the function names on-the-fly - for ALPHA inputs.

The LASTF implementation took care of the first request, at least for those functions called via the dedicated function launchers in the different modules. This was also how I got around to include sub-functions, which cannot be assigned to keys but that's another story.

But the auto-complete stuff remained like a great idea not easily tractable... until now that is. I'm glad to report it's been finally cracked, at least in a decent enough implementation that covers for most of the practical uses for it.

The function XEQ+ starts a new mode by prompting for an initial character letter or number, A-Z, a-e, 0-9. Then it presents all functions currently available in the bus that begin with that letter - commencing the search in page#3 up until page#F. The list can be done manually (SST) or continuous (R/S), and several navigation keys are included: jump page, back-up page, next function, previous function, next letter, previous letter. Once you've locked up your target function simply press XEQ to execute it, or ASN to assign it to the key of your choice.

The operation will also add the executed function automatically to the enhanced LASTF facility, which now will hold up to five entries. Two new functions allow the user to review and execute these, plus a manual mode to enter functions into the list if so desired.

This is going into the Dare2Compare Module - in turn a vastly enhanced version of the original "Total_Rekall" - becoming one of the most advanced modules there is - and a fixture in my setup together with the Classic OS/X ...

Soon at a TOS near you, working on the manual as I speak...

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