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(25C) Sampling without repetition
10-28-2018, 08:51 PM (This post was last modified: 10-28-2018 08:52 PM by Albert Chan.)
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RE: (25C) Sampling without repetition
(10-28-2018 08:03 PM)John Keith Wrote:  
(10-28-2018 09:18 AM)Dieter Wrote:  In such a case there is no significant difference between sampling with or without repetition. So it doesn't matter much if a number is drawn twice. Otherwise the idea is: record the sample in a (sorted) list, generate the next number, see if it's part of the list. If yes: get a new number, if not: insert it into the list. Hmmm... somehow this sounds like a job for the HP50. ;-)

This would be a variation of the Fisher-Yates shuffle, implemented in the ListExt Library as LSHUF.

I do not see any shuffling from Dieter description.
That seems more like "rinse, and repeat", throwing away (rare) repeated samples.

My Python randindex(...) look more like shuffling, except working thru the samples list.
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