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Should I bother? HP-34C in rough shape
05-13-2018, 05:43 AM
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RE: Should I bother? HP-34C in rough shape
(05-13-2018 05:19 AM)dm123 Wrote:  Is there a place that sells battery holders that bridge the one side of the pair, like the original holders did, and at the same time allow you to slide out the batteries so that they can be recharged. I’m trying to find out if there is an easy solution to this. I could not find any battery holders like this. This would be the best solution.

I'd agree wholeheartedly with this, given that modern methods now allow for perhaps 3d-printing them up.

(05-13-2018 05:19 AM)dm123 Wrote:  Also, another idea I had, is if one could stick a conducting plate on the nonterminal side of the battery compartment of the calculator so that the batteries could be imserted right into the compartment directly.(with correct polarities, right directions)
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I could not find any chargers that charge a bound battery pack as a pair, which is the third option,,given that the bound packs are available on eBay.

I actually found I could unbond the two batteries for charging, though I suspect it's not easy. I don't remember exactly how it was done, given that it was 1994. From what I remember, it's a metal framework around a plastic centre, with two slots for the batteries and one end free, exposing the two relevant ends. Obviously plugging the batteries back into the cradle the right way around is essential. If you can find the solution you mentioned above, that would be the best way around, but you'll still need a metal plate bridging one end.

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