Poll: Should I bother with this HP 34C?
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Should I bother? HP-34C in rough shape
04-27-2017, 08:57 AM
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RE: Should I bother? HP-34C in rough shape
Trace the circuit from the two battery contacts and the third charger contact point in the battery housing.

Personally I do not bother reconnecting the charge wire but you can. Here is a photo of the correct -ve and +ve solder points.

I cut the ribbon out of this 34C as it was cracked and corroded beyond saving. Combine this with the post I listed earlier in this thread:

[Image: F74C3865-ECAF-4306-920E-169393CF9638_zpswlnkh9er.jpg]

Another view:

[Image: 9816560D-8FD5-41A4-A208-A0235E048ACC_zpsqgsmslvm.jpg]

And look through the following post:


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