Poll: Should I bother with this HP 34C?
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Should I bother? HP-34C in rough shape
04-26-2017, 08:35 PM
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RE: Should I bother? HP-34C in rough shape
Hi Andi,

I knew before hand once I visually inspected the ribbon, with the info you gave that the anode was completely oxidized. The chunk that fell off completely severed the connection

I did find an old radio shack multitester, which itself had a corroded double AA. I cleaned it up, replaced the battery and calibrated the multitester and set it on lowest resistance (most sensitive)

Cathode and that middle node for charging the battery are strong to their respective connectors. The anode to 3rd is completely dead. I think with that chunk in place it was intermittent, hence the flickering display. I assume now, without testing it yet, there will be no display acrtivity, since the anode to connector 3 is severed. I think you can see it in that latest photo I posted. There is a lot of oxidation on that side of the strip.

It's a shame. The rest of the calculator is very clean. I saw all the LEDs lighting up. Is here anything that can be done at this point. .? I have not soldered in years, even if I could remove the old ribbon and replace it.

Update: after moving the ribbon around, the cathode is now unresponsive, due to cracking of the oxidation

Is the copper dangerous? I put gloves on for part of this, but touched some of it.....
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