Poll: Should I bother with this HP 34C?
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Should I bother? HP-34C in rough shape
04-15-2017, 03:22 AM
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RE: Should I bother? HP-34C in rough shape
Thanks for the replies. I don't have a 34C yet, though I do have a 31E. I had a bad feeling (and still do, really) that this amount of corrosion would be disastrous for the innards. I didn't attempt to remove the pack from the calculator, but it had lots of white crystalline stuff coming from both ends. Everything about the calculator seemed perfect until I removed the battery door. Fortunately, the unit seems to have been stored right-side up, so maybe there wasn't a whole lot of leakage into the unit from the pack, but I've heard that NiCd cells also tend to emit corrosive gases when they leak, so it might've gotten its licks in that way. In any case, I'll probably pick it up next time I'm there, assuming nobody else has bought it. If they have, c'est la vie.
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