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(04-05-2017 05:22 PM)John Cadick Wrote:  We are living in what are probably the end-times for the hand-held calculator as we have known it. Surely the future of calculators lies in the apps for the multitude of cell-phones and tablets. I am thinking that this type of calc app may be the future for those of us that need them in our everyday work.

I don't think so. The advantage of a real calculator is the keyboard. I just bought the HP prime for android. It does a great job to not use the keyboard input (swiftkey for numerical input is horrible), but to let me press virtual buttons. However, pressing touchscreen buttons and pressing real buttons is different. With real buttons one is more precise (empirical proof: touchscreen keyboards do need autocorrect algorithms), especially for numeric input. So surely there may be great solutions on smartphones and tablet, but until one does not develop a surface that can be "felt", calculators have still an advantage.

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