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04-05-2017, 05:22 PM
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While searching the iOS app store for new calculators, I came across an app called Numerari - a high-level, non-rpn, calculator. It has an interesting UI which is modifiable by the user, reduces the need for nested menus, and includes a number of "user defined" keys that can be changed by simply dragging and dropping any desired formula onto the key. And did I mention that it has a remarkably easy to use graph creator?

I went to the developer's website -, and found that the app was developed by two brothers who are both scientists/engineers. Aside from the somewhat unique approach, I found it very interesting that the calculator was developed specifically as a tool and knowledge source for practicing engineers, scientists, and mathematicians.

We are living in what are probably the end-times for the hand-held calculator as we have known it. Surely the future of calculators lies in the apps for the multitude of cell-phones and tablets. I am thinking that this type of calc app may be the future for those of us that need them in our everyday work.

(Another app that has a different than normal UI is MathStudio.)


By the way, Numerari does not have an Android app yet. This was somewhat surprising; however, if the brothers are serious, I am sure that one will be forthcoming.
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