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HP9100B Emulator
04-01-2017, 09:46 AM
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HP9100B Emulator
Hi all,

I have just uploaded a simulator for the HP9100B to

Firstly, I would like give as many thanks as I can muster to Jurgen Keller who has given up some of his spare time and provided a huge amount of help in getting it working properly.

This project turned out to be much more complicated than I imagined, and I guess this release should be a beta version as once disturbed, I'm sure there will be bugs crawling out of its dusty old memory banks.

I tried to recreate it as close as possible to the real thing, but I don't have the actual algorithms used so the mathematics are done using Windows math. This obviously changes the results slightly but from what I can see only the last guard digit is affected, although compounded results will vary depending on the math involved.

As such, the 9100B Diagnostic program will fail in a few tests because of the SIN, ARC SIN, HYP SIN, ARC HYP SIN etc conversions throughout. However, you can use the CONT key to move on and it will work through the errors.

It is possible, as I have seen in the past, that some PC's may cringe when operating certain code snippets that I have written, but I will cross those bridges if the problems get passed on to me.

The magnetic card reader operates as described and has the original sound. Cards can be write protected if desired.

Also included with the calculator is the printer. It works as the original did and you can view, print and delete the paper roll if you like. The only sound I could find for the printer was buried behind a lot of background noise and is almost inaudible, so it prints like the adverts say - "quietly". If I get hold of some better effects I will add them in.

I have also created the HP9160A Marked Card Reader. You can load and save card stacks for this device and feed them into the calculator memory. There is also an editor where you can mark individual cards and save them to a file or populate a stack with data from other sources, ie text files. The reader is animated with original sounds.

Also included is the HP9125B Plotter and as far as I can tell from the operating manual, works as the original did. All the knobs can be turned, switches work etc. The plotter is also animated with original sounds, although a bit scratchy, and has the 4 pen colours and can put a simple grid pattern on the paper. The drawing speed can be varied slightly if desired.

The sound drivers in the PC have trouble dealing with many small sounds closely spaced, so if the plotter is only drawing small lines, it will do so in silence. I have included the plotter diagnostic program on marked cards, and when executed from the calculator, will get the plotter to draw the spoked wheel as shown in the operating manual.

There is also a code editor where you can import text files of this format...

+0.0 66 To Rect
-d.d 46 end

You can import the files into memory, save as marked card files etc

There PDF help files for the calculator and peripherals.

Unfortunately, due to the size of the calculator and plotter, the minimum screen size to view it is 1280 x 720 or better.

The calculator has a few operating quirks, so it would be helpful to read the manuals before doing too much with it, especially when transferring data to memory.



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