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you want directories? really?
03-04-2014, 10:38 PM
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RE: you want directories? really?
(03-04-2014 09:58 PM)Dominik Holenstein Wrote:  Folders are false friends for me. First, you think they provide a possibility to manage the chaos but they are the reason for the mess. I sometimes really get angry when I have to navigate and and drill through my own folders on my notebook - what a waste of time every day. Sometimes I have no idea today where I have put the spreadsheet I updated yesterday.

I am using The Brain to organise my stuff. You are not forced into a hierarchical structure, it is more associative as our brain works like.

I personally don't need folders on the HP Prime. A simple plain list is often easier to use than a nested folder structure. The only "structure" I add at the program list is a bit silly but it works: I added dummy programms which are named like this:
A __________
B __________
C __________
Z __________
a __________
b __________
z __________

Then I chose the the option to sort the programs alphabetically.

Further, all my functions created in the CAS start with "fnc" in the beginning. So I added another dummy program named
fnc __________.

Then all CAS functions are sorted below this program and it looks like this:
f ___________
fnc ___________
fncBS (CAS)
fncFac (CAS)
fncFib (CAS)
fncInt (CAS)

I admit that my approach is not very sophisticated. But it is quite useful at the moment.


Are you doing real work over things with The brain? I can't imagine a medium-big software/engineering project without a fixed hierarchy, of course this is out the reach of the Prime or most tablets/Phones, so they basically are ok with a tag-based loose hierarchy or mind mapping.

I used some mind software while doing my thesis and they work really nice for fuzzy ideas, taking quick notes or so, but anything more objective than that is pointless because you end thinking too much in the nodes and relations, something that is not always natural.

Personally, I think Windows 8.1 (I prefered Win 7 search in Win 8.0 times) is an example of a very good (and new) approach to search perfection. Automatic non-folder explicit filesystem while in Modern apps (in the modern/'metro' UI) and normal folders in the desktop environment (with 2 versions of the search engine, one simplistic after taping win key and some text, and an advanced one with wildcards and complex conditions in the folder view).

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