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Little explorations with HP calculators (no Prime)
04-02-2018, 09:16 PM (This post was last modified: 04-02-2018 09:19 PM by Zaphod.)
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RE: Little explorations with HP calculators (no Prime)
rprosperi Wrote:I'm really making a general statement for that set of the audience that aren't skilled enough to do their own SMD-level repairs (maybe 98%). More than likely, these folks are careful enough to not damage stuff anyhow, though of course accidents can happen to anyone.

Though the specs you cite are indeed interesting (and somewhat surprising to me) I stand with my earlier advice. Real world behavior has proven that you're more likely to damage the 50g than the PC if you constantly are connecting/disconnecting the device.

Ah right , gotcha , yes , even I’m careful of products when a micro usb is plugged in , because it’s ‘prone’ ... a potential accident waiting to happen... I try and place the cable on a hard surface with little chance of the cable imparting any force on the socketry.
I do this sort of repair work as a day job, so whilst I can do the repair, it’s something I’d rather avoid causing in the first place .... but I don’t have any qualms about actually plugging in and out per se.

Quote:I'm not sure how rugged the SD card slot is either.

Hmmmm, there’s another problem socket (not particularly on the 50), often gives me headaches. Lol
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