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Little explorations with HP calculators (no Prime)
03-22-2018, 11:15 AM (This post was last modified: 03-22-2018 11:26 AM by pier4r.)
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RE: Little explorations with HP calculators (no Prime)
(03-21-2018 11:27 PM)rprosperi Wrote:  What does "Xm server activated" mean?

In you upper list, the sequence says that hp5g A connect and B does not, but just below that, you summarize "only the 50g B works, not the 50gA".

Which is correct? It's hard to follow the exact steps and results.

You are not trying to connect 2 50g machines to 2 instances of conn4x simultaneously are you?

Sorry I was not so clear (I thought I was).

Now I try to explain more clearly.

So I take my two 50g. (normally I use 1)
I connect them to the same usb hub.
I connect the hub to my windows XP system.
On win XP I start conn4x, I do nothing else.
On a 50g - doesn't matter which, I call it A - I start the Xmodem Server (before I shortened Xmodem with Xm)
in conn4x I see the 50g
in conn4x I can choose USB_calc and connect to it.
Then I disconnect conn4x
Xmodem server gets turned off on the 50g A as well
On the other 50g, say B, I start the Xmodem server.
I see the 50g in conn4x as "UBS_calc_1"
I try to connect to it: errors.

To connect to the 50g B, I should reset the usb hub (disconnecting it for a while from the power supply and from the usb on my computer) and then start the procedure above but connecting first the 50g B not the A.

I hope I was more clear now.

Side note: for my explorations so far - considering calculators that I can keep alive with a USB charger or that they have very low power drain - I consider my workflow as follow.
- For small numerical computations. sharp 506w (scientific calc with 2 line screen)
- For some bigger ones, the 9860G / GII are really easy to pick up and use without need to connect to the PC and type programs. Also the keyboard feels really nice, like the 506w. (graphing calc)
- for something a bit more elaborated, I need the keyboard but I use RPL on the 50g. (maybe I may use the 9860G for some tasks though, although what 3298 said is an eye opener)
- for something intensive that I want to park on fanless systems. HP prime. Developed on my test win10 environment, and computing on android.

I am struggling to decide if I need a 3rd 50g as backup of a backup (or when I need to save time with parallel computations).
Because the concept of the prime is amazing, as with a cheap android I get a computing environment. There are few other computing environment "productive" on different platforms. There is this or that interpreter but one has to be careful about which version is available and potential limitations. The prime is equal everywhere (if the platform is supported). Anyway the killer feature is to support android, that is mobile, silent and with powerful hw. Having multiple win/mac is not that easy or cheap.
With the 50g/RPL I have emulators, that are great but I don't like to simulate several layers of different instruction sets, but no real portable enviroment that I can use commonly available devices.

A strong competitor to the prime would be free42, that is available also almost everywhere. But while developing large stuff is possible, RPN for me is for small programs/formulas.

Wikis are great, Contribute :)
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