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Little explorations with HP calculators (no Prime)
02-19-2018, 09:40 PM
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RE: Little explorations with HP calculators (no Prime)
(02-19-2018 08:03 PM)pier4r Wrote:  Is John H Meyers still active? It is impressive how many 48/50g-based contributions he made that pop ups in searches (same with DavidM, Joe Horn, James Prager and the like)!

edit: if someone knows better replacements to INFORM, please share!
edit2: if you wish to put INFORML and INLIST in port2, remember to edit INFORML to call :2:INLIST and your program to call :2:INFORML . (on the calculator :2:INLIST shows up as :2: INLIST with a space. Dunno why)

First, please don't place me in the same sentence as Joe, James, and John. I may have posted a few more times than I should have, but those three (and many, many others) are far more knowledgeable, helpful, and entertaining than I would ever dream to be.

As for John Meyers, it does appear that shortly after he stopped posting to comp.sys.hp48 (and, there was a death notice for someone with his name from Fairfield, IA (the location of his employer). I don't know for sure that this is the same person, but given how prolific he once was I suspect it's a good likelihood.
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