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Little explorations with HP calculators (no Prime)
03-22-2017, 03:27 PM (This post was last modified: 03-22-2017 03:35 PM by Joe Horn.)
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RE: Little explorations with the HP calculators
(03-22-2017 08:37 AM)pier4r Wrote:  @Joe Horn

Thanks for the help. I checked quickly. Multiplying a 9 by itself, I quickly went past 15 digits without problems.

Still if I do 'n' 1 2014 'n^3' <shift right, SIN (this is to get the sum)> I get a floating point number.

The sum function requires the flag 3 set.

The AUR says that, but it's wrong. Try it with flag -3 clear. It works, and returns exact values.

(03-22-2017 08:37 AM)pier4r Wrote:  I have flags 1, 3 set (the ones related to computations, I have others set but they are for something else) and exact mode (flag 105 not set). With those, I can produce a long integer but not using the sum function. Maybe is the funtion itself producing floats?

As I wrote above, it returns exact values when fed exact inputs and executed in exact mode with flag -3 clear. If that doesn't work for you, perhaps you have an obsolete firmware version? The most recent VERSION is 2.15. Or maybe you have some other conflicting flag(s)?

EDIT: The ROM version can't be the problem, because I just tried it on an ancient 49G (version 1.19-6) and it works ok there too.

(03-22-2017 12:14 PM)John Keith Wrote:  The Sigma (sum) function works with real and complex numbers but not with exact integers. Thus it will always give a real result if given exact integers.

Not true, at least in VERSION 2.15. This is interesting... I gotta know why some 50g's can't return exact values for the Sigma function.

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