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Help needed to load ROMCOPY into Emu71/Win
03-12-2017, 12:34 AM
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RE: Help needed to load ROMCOPY into Emu71/Win
(03-11-2017 07:49 PM)MattiMark Wrote:  But I really do not understand how to get it to work. Oh yes, I have read the manuals but I still haven't found what I am looking for.

Do you have a .lif file (on the PC) which contains ROMCOPY? (one source is the file lexfl1.lif in the SWAP folder in Joe Horn's Online Lif Disk Project (,09...20Project/).

Mount that .lif file in IL-Per (Drive1), connect your 71B to the PIL-Box, then you can use do this:

RESTORE IO - Configures the HP-IL loop, assigns devices, etc.
DISPLAY IS PRINTER - sets the virtual printer in ILPER as your display device, like a mini-monitor
CAT :TAPE(1) - Lists a catalog of the contents of the .lif file to verify you can read it
COPY ROMCOPY:TAPE(1) TO ROMCOPY - Copies the program ROMCOPY from the .lif volume to your 71's MAIN RAM.

Now you can use ROMCOPY to copy the entire contents of an IRAM Port to a .lif file on IL-Per.


Insert a RAM module into port 4 of the 71
FREE :PORT(4) to create an IRAM in that port
Copy whatever you want into that IRAM
Mount an empty .lif file on IL-Per drive #2
ROMCOPY :PORT(4) TO MYFILE:TAPE(2) - copies an image of the entire IRAM contents to the file MYFILE on the .lif volume on drive #2

There's a lot of moving parts in those steps, so holler if it doesn't make sense, but please be specific about what does work, what doesn't, error messages at what step, etc.

--Bob Prosperi
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