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[wp34s] New integration program
03-24-2017, 05:12 PM (This post was last modified: 03-27-2017 05:52 PM by emece67.)
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RE: [wp34s] New integration program
I've just posted an implementation of the double-exponential method (that is: tanh-sinh, exp-sinh or sinh-sinh, depending on the integration interval ends being finite or not) in the General Software library.

This new program has grown in size (about 50 steps for a total of ~250) but now it copes with infinite or semi-infinite integration intervals. It can now manage things like:
\[\int_{-1}^\infty{\ln(x+1)\over x^2+1}dx={3\pi\ln(2)\over8}\approx0.8165947838638507989377583368391052\ldots\]
that has a discontinuity at one interval end (-1), being the other end infinite, getting as result:
  • 0.816594783863850 in DBLOFF mode in 14 seconds
  • 0.8165947838638507989377583368390855 in DBLON mode in 35 seconds

Although there are, of course, integrands that may drive this method in trouble, I'm amazed about its performance and capabilities.

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