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HP-46 printer grease
03-01-2017, 01:58 AM
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RE: HP-46 printer grease
(02-28-2017 10:58 PM)Hans Brueggemann Wrote:  i've tried both Molykote and PTFE on multiple HP82143, over 10 years ago. both lubricants haven't "dried up" so far, and printers still working as smooth and silent as on day one. today, i use solely PTFE based "grease", simply because of it being white and not as "ugly" as Molykote. i can't report any interaction with the printer's plastics after that time, so for me the PTFE is way to go.
i also have many refurbished HP-41C card readers. treat their worm gears with just a tiny drop of PTFE and they purr away like a charm. just make sure to thoroughly clean all working parts from previous lubricants before applying the PTFE.

Hans, can you recommend a specific product or source for the PTFE lubricant you prefer, there seem to be hundreds? Thanks.

--Bob Prosperi
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