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HP-46 printer grease
02-28-2017, 07:27 AM
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HP-46 printer grease
Have an HP-46 printer where only the drum would rotate. Print functions create the solid LED wait light of the exact duration expected for the function to complete (compared to a working 46).

Noticed the printer made a nearly inaudible "tink". Upon examination saw the grease was so dried nothing moves. The "tink" was the selenoids activating but not being able to move the pertinent parts. The grease is literally very dried out (hardly moves) and in some places completely dry (totally stuck).

After loosening things up a paperfeed immediately tore up the idler gear. No biggie; it was more brown than yellow and previous posts show how to recreate the gear.

My question is what grease to use after cleaning up the gummy/frozen parts? By brand name preferably, i.e. so I know what to buy. Does it make any difference what grease to use?

The existing grease is a blue/green looking stuff. Those of us with cars old enough where you pack the front bearings, it looks much like that grease; other than being dried up.

I have used "Super Lube" on other projects . The label describes it as "a synthetic multi-purpose grease with syncolon(r) (PTFE)". It is also a di-electric. Happen to have it from years ago where a grease non-caustic to metal & plastic was needed.

Any ideas? Does it make much difference as long as its grease and thin enough to apply? Axle grease, silicone grease, molybdenum disulfide grease, lithium grease, "gee, so board you have to worry about it?"..... ignore the last one.

Personally find nothing wrong with the grease I have, just wondered what other people have used.

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