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HP50G and solving equations with complex numbers
02-28-2017, 08:25 PM
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RE: HP50G and solving equations with complex numbers
[Was complex mode enabled?]

Yes, I went into CAS and tried enabling and turning off the complex settings as well as the exact/approximate and verbose and other settings (I don't have the calc with me since I'm still at work...). No change, same error.

I was hoping that the HP50G would be able to do this without any external programs.

When I say using an equation solver i mean being able for the calculator to store a library of equations in memory and then when you want to solve for a variable in chosen equation you select the variable to solve for and the calc will prompt you for each variable input in the equation [1 equation, 1 unknown...]. For an easy example we can calculate the positive sequence current of an unbalanced load/fault: P=(1/3)*(A+a*B+a^2*C), where a=1@120 degrees and a^2=1@240 degrees. On my HP35s I can enter that equation then hit solve (it prompts me for what variable I want it to solve for, in this case P) and it then prompts me for all of the remaining variables/unknown constants in the equation. So for the case where A=120A@-18deg, B=960A@-191deg, C=120A@-326deg my beloved HP35s quickly spits out the answer for P which is: P= 383A@-67.7 deg.

Like I said not to beat a dead horse I am just suprised that my fancy graphing calculator struggles to do this type of calculation without a 3rd party program. Not only is the HP35s capable of doing this, it is able to hold dozens of equations which is really helpful in a pinch for the working engineer.
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