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HP50G and solving equations with complex numbers
02-28-2017, 01:39 PM (This post was last modified: 02-28-2017 01:57 PM by Vtile.)
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RE: HP50G and solving equations with complex numbers
(02-28-2017 12:16 PM)Gerson W. Barbosa Wrote:  
(02-28-2017 10:11 AM)Vtile Wrote:  Hmm... I can do it (v2.15). Although I just tried with the solve command and a random nonsolved equation.
10+j20 = ( 5+j5 ) * Z => 3+j

Of course simple equations like these can be solved simply by doing

(10,20) (5,5) รท --> (3.,1.)

Alternatively for more complex ones (pun not intended), we can use this program and do

Z --> (3.,1.)
Of course, it were just test of given example.

[V1 - V2 = 10*Ix
V1/j20 + (V1 - V3)/20 + V2/10 + (V2 - V3)/-j10 = 0
V3/j10 + (V3-V2)/-j10 + 2<45deg + (V3 - V1)/20 = 0
Ix = -V3/j10]
[V1 V2 V3 Ix]

as in

Can be used for system of complex equations, but I don't know the limits of the solve command, it seems to have odd pitfalls at times.

One question is are the OP after a numerical solver with complex numbers as by definition (numerical) it should also do single equations with complex input. I haven't tested and I have no time just now to play it around to see if it is possible somehow. Edit. Yes, numerical solver do not like complex input and gives the "bad quess" error, I'm suprised actually.
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