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(soon to be) New HP prime asks re: 3-D
02-10-2017, 04:05 PM
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(soon to be) New HP prime asks re: 3-D
Greetings All!

I already own an HP 50G but have decided I want an HP Prime. FWIW, I think
Prime is better suited to the Math Student. Anyway, that is my decision. I have the version
"C" out today for delivery and am excited to get it. I have already gotten the emulator
(Thank you HP!) as well as the standard .pdf's.

My question is re: 3-D Graphing. I can see from looking on You-Tube and this forum
there is at least person who has labored to make 3-D graphing a reality.
But ( and NO 'diss to this fine person), I want to ask the group as a Newbie:
Does this file work well? Not buggy? Is it a worthy addition to my Prime?
And if it is all good is it OK for me to load it soon after I take delivery or should I
work through the guides first before I start tweaking it?

My goal going forward is to get math smart - A goal I set for my retirement. So
even though I'm 62 I'm considering myself as High School Level and goal of College
Level Calc., etc. I am a good autodidact. Newton & Leibnitz never had a HP but
I think it's a great learning tool. If you can think of other D/L's that would be
helpful from the HP Prime software library please feel free to suggest them.
I love HP power and performance. Thank you for allowing me to belong here.

Please accept my thanks in advance,

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