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1-AUG-2019 SolveSys - Equation Library and Nonlinear Systems Solver
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RE: 05-MAR-2017 SolveSys - Equation Library and Nonlinear Systems Solver
(03-06-2017 05:45 PM)compsystems Wrote:  IDEA: For the creation of the equation library, we can contact the author of formlua PRO to generate a common database..

forum FormulaPro

Formula ProGenerator

I think that it would be great to have formulas and accompanying documentation of the formulas. To that end, users are more than welcome to submit their own *.lib files and I will be happy to maintain them (i.e. update them so that any format changes will be applied to the library files) and include them with the app. Just putting together the list of equations in from the original Equation Library was a tedious task, and I suspect that there might still be typos yet to be discovered. It is not something I want to spend much time on. (I ended up having to learn about black body radiation, fluid dynamics, and a number of other topics just to ensure that the equations from the original Equation Library were fully compatible in the Prime version. Learning is fun, but I prefer choosing my own topics rather being forced into any particular one.) Any future changes to the format of the *lib files will have an accompanying "update" utility/program so that anyone can manage their own library as well. However, that is the extent of my interest in terms of maintenance of the equations themselves.

Right now, all the equations and related data are stored in "Equation Library.lib" -- the next update will allow users to have multiple *.lib files (e.g. one for Chemistry only, another for Physics only, etc.) to help organize their formulas. The next update will also feature the images that were used in the old Equation Library on the HP48 series in addition to allowing users to "switch" libraries. Those images are already in the most recent reference manual (see first post).

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